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This week’s outfit inspiration was the busy city life.

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Celebrating Kenyan Women in Music

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On March 8th , we came out to celebrate the  International Women’s Day. This is the time when the achievements of women are recognized worldwide while  advocating for greater equality for all sexes. We want to recognize the achievements of some established and up and coming female musicians in Kenya. Their music is a unique blend of Afro-Jazz, pop and soul accompanied by smooth vocals. Here are the 6 female musicians you need to know about:

barbara Barbara Guantai

Who she is

Barbara Guantai is a widely travelled musician who has performed in countries like Zimbabwe, U.S.A, Bosnia-Herzegovina and France. In 2002, Barbara recorded the album Mbiu ya Afrika. This was after winning the first national talent search in Kenya (The Safaricom Star Search 2002) in the contemporary category. This album calls on Africans to value themselves. It was for the song Mawazo (Worries) that Ms. Guantai was nominated for a…

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Young Creative with Innovative E-Waste Management in Kenya

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E-waste or electronic waste is starting to become a reason for concern especially after the UN pointed out that Kenya accumulates about 17000 tonnes of e-waste annually. Managing this waste is quite a challenge because Kenya lacks proper disposal guidelines.

E-waste has toxic components thus pose health and environmental risks. Alex Mativo is a young social entrepreneur who is changing the way we view and handle e-waste. Together with the East African Compliance Recycling Company, he is collecting and recycling electrical equipment and turning the into works of art. The valuable components are removed and reused while the plastic is baled sent to recycling plants. Some parts like the capacitors are used to make beautiful jewelry in place of beads.

Innovation and creativity is slowly becoming a movement with creatives identifying problems in their society and offering solutions. Young people like Alex are initiators of the change we want to…

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Cool farming gadgets

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If you are a farmer, there are several things that you need to pay attention to in order to get good returns from your investments. You dread to think of what would happen were you to be away for long and no one is around to monitor them for you.

To survive, crops need plenty of water and favourable conditions which at times can be quite difficult to monitor if you are working on a busy schedule and not always home to ensure this is the case. Many innovators have come up with different applications and devices to lessen the need of having to constantly be present to tend your crops and thus allow you to concentrate on other activities.

Edyn, formerly Soil IQ, has developed a smart farming device that makes farming fun and easy as well. You don’t have to worry about being around your crops too…

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Some men need to style up. This is what I call hypocrisy. You punish someone for dressing ‘indecently’ yet go through semi-nude magazine images of pretty women admiring their bodies.

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mydressI long for the day a man will respect a woman. Yes we’re not equals, but that does not give you the right to abuse us “. This, among thousands of other tweets, is a reaction to an incident where a lady was stripped naked on November 7th by people believed to be Embassava touts in Nairobi’s Accra Road. Kenyans have taken to social media to protest against the barbaric act in the strongest terms possible.

A group on Facebook has already set a date for a procession to condemn the act. Kilimani Mums will hold a peaceful procession to Accra Road on Monday 17th. The meeting point will be at Uhuru Park from where they will march towards the Embassava bus terminus. “We shall go and deliver a message to the touts who stripped our sister that it is wrong and a woman has a right…

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Wordsmiths at Creatives Garage

Creatives Garage


Creatives Garage recently hosted its monthly Open Mic Session that brings together spoken word artists, musicians and fans of this form of story telling. From the explosive performances, it is evident that there are many upcoming spoken word artists who are so passionate about what they do. These young people have great talent and this is a platform where they get to showcase their skills and interact with other artists.IMG_5460Spoken word has been in existence for hundreds of years though in different forms. The modern spoken word poetry is slowly gaining ground in Kenya and it is being embraced by many artists. It’s performance is also varied with the wordsmiths incorporating new styles everyday to become unique and create a brand of their own. Music is normally featured as part of the performance and this makes it even more entertaining. IMG_5373 Creatives Garage is proud to support upcoming talent and…

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Creatives Garage

CG kuona art fair  Creatives Garage stand at Sarit Centre

Creatives Garage participated in the just concluded Kenya Art Fair at Sarit Centre 6th-9th Nov. 2014. This was an event that celebrated Kenyan Art with the theme being celebrating Art @50.

kuona director  Sylvia- Kuona Trust Director

Organized by Kuona Trust, a centre for visual arts in Kenya, the event attracted a huge number of exhibitors and art lovers alike. The art fair is established to nurture, appreciate and recognize excellence in the contemporary visual arts.sarit kuona

The Art Fair had a couple of activities including an opening gala night, renowned speakers’ forum, a cartoon competition and an art exhibition for upcoming artists and emerging artists. Interesting discussion that the participants engaged in included:
>Gaps in the Art Curriculum in schools in Kenya
>Involvement of the Government in Art education
>Inclusion of specialised Art programmes in the curriculum e.g Arts Management,curatorial practice, Arts Journalism, Art policy…

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m1I am writing this in regard to the morning talk-shows in one of the popular radio stations. Going by the shocking revelations from some callers about their marriage issues, I am skeptical about joining this ‘holy’ institution.

Is it really that bad? I wonder what happened to the good golden days of our parents and grandparents. That was when respect and love were synonymous with marriage. Husband and wife are now foes, the “for better, for worse” vows long forgotten and buried. It is not strange to hear of wives battering their husbands, a father raping his own daughter or the rampant divorce and separation.

I wouldn’t get into marriage only to divorce in a few months. Are people not taking time to know each other first? What with those who marry after only a month of dating; the ‘love’ soon fades away and sorrow and misery become the order of the day. Dating and courtship should take a reasonable time so that you really become sure on whether you want to be with the person or not.

Men of the olden days used to be treated with respect. This they earned because they were responsible. Bringing food home, providing shelter and security. Today, it is no surprise our women have no respect for us since some of us are not men enough! Have men become the weaker sex?

What do you say of a man who runs to hide when he sees some emaciated reptile crawling up his bedroom wall? Worse if the wife is the one to beat the crap out of the reptile and throw it away like nothing happened. Guys, it’s time to wake up from this slumber!

“My wife does not respect me, ako na madharau sana,” one caller retorts angrily. We might be quick to judge even without getting the other side of the story from the supposedly ‘bad’ wife. This and other statements, mostly out rightly funny, have now served as morning entertainment especially if you travel by matatu. As you laugh at the predicament, stop to think about those words they say.Angry-Black-Couple-Arguing-

When people walk down the aisle, all smiles, they think all the glamour and bliss will follow them. When you lay in a bed of roses, be prepared to handle the pricking thorns beneath it. With the responsibilities that accompany marriage, newly weds, especially those that were not ready for them, become scared.

People fail to discuss about such matters while dating. It’s wise never to assume this. As is the norm in most families, the father is the provider. Ladies get into marriage expecting the same of their partners. Times have changed however especially with the economic situation and responsibilities are now shared. However, failing to talk about how to go about this sharing can cause problems.

It wouldn’t be fair to say that men have become the weaker sex. Just that attitudes and beliefs are changing in our society and some people are yet to embrace them, especially for us men. Gender equality came in. Women and girls became empowered and now we are witnessing the effects of such empowerment!

I am not against women empowerment and gender equality. I advocate for this strongly. It’s just that in the quest to ‘rescue’ the girl-child, the boy has been forgotten. All attention (and funds) were focused on strengthening the female gender. The result?

Men should also be empowered if only to reduce the cases of ‘kukaliwa‘ by their wives. If this not done soon enough, we’ll perpetually be the topic of radio shows where men will be whining about their bullying wives and listeners will be laughing their heads off.

Is there a recipe for a successful marriage? It is important to address the core problems that lead to marriage problems. It is the surest way to overcome them. Infidelity, lack of respect, distrust, absconding responsibilities are the main causes among others.

Show respect to your spouse. Be understanding, be faithful, love each other unconditionally…..what really don’t you know about this! They are the same old “thou shalt not’ kind of rules yet easier said than done.

Life is about making choices and as they say, choices have consequences. Choose wisely.

A word to the parents, bring up men and not boys. Today’s teenagers should be able to take up the roles and duties of a man. Culture is changing but what is expected of men will always remain, don’t bring up men who will hide under the bed when some frail looking thug breaks into the house!man-hiding-under-bed

One last thing, be the person you expect of your partner. Act like you say and avoid a life of double standards.By the way, when I find myself a ‘good’ woman, I will get married! When you do it right, there is a lot to enjoy in marriage!

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